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Mobile Power Products - A New Brand
About Mobile Power Products  (video) What is it? The big idea is to sell swappable Lithium energy packs and their docking stations separately. Then have smart energy...
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EV Electrification Challenges
Electrification Challenges: Navigating the Future of Sustainable Energy
By Kerry Dennis Clancy    9/21/2023 The pace of electrified innovation is up. This innovation takes a long time and is a lot of hard work.  As Thomas Edison said,...
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ai self-driving
Tesla's Lean and Mean Full-Self-Driving software
By Kerry Dennis Clancy    updated 9/21/2023 A Re-imagined Driving System The Tesla developers have reimagined full self-driving using a straightforward...
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ai fsd
Is Tesla Full-Self-Driving for real?
In this imaginary world: Marge shows off her self-driving Model Y George Jetson trekking in his flying car A flying car, really? What is all the Hype? Electric cars...
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AI data model
Machine Learning (AI Models) Over-simplified
Machine learning is a branch of AI that creates predictive models. A model is a spreadsheet with conditions in the left columns with a probability in the right column....
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AI car factory
is Tesla an AI Company?
Since ChatGPT was released to the public in late 2022, the understanding of AI’s potential is spreading. The impact on the economy is expected to be magnitudes of...
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